Media Representation
what we represent
AZYAA MODE is a premium online fashion magazine, for and from the Middle East, where the Arab women can discover the latest trends in fashion, beauty, jewelry, watches and lifestyles.
INSYDO is a voice of influence in Dubai. Through a unique user experience and a personable in-the-know voice, we inspire and actively guide our fans on where to go, what to do and how to spend their money. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, spa, plumber or pet shop, you can search across 400 categories and find the city’s top businesses on insydo.
SPORTOOTS is our sports related online platform that aims to unite the sports fans into one community powered by the love of the game & to provide the fans with a self-expression platform that brings the stadium experience into their reach anywhere and anytime. A platform that allow the fans to gather and share their thoughts, videos and opinions of their favorite local, regional and international teams on the hour.
CINEMOZ is a VOD premium content portal targeting the MENA region, with more than 1800 titles and growing, including over 150 exclusive short films for mobile and fast consumption.
SA7I Catering for the KSA market, and handling the Saudi life in a humorous way, more than 640 MIL views, 3.2 MIL subscribers, 1.4M followers on twitter and 400K Facebook fans, Sa7i position itself as the NO 1 YouTube channel in GCC and ranked 60 Globally.
GAWAREER the female YouTube channel under sa7i catering for the Saudi women, this channel aims to deliver and to engage to the Saudi young females aged from 15 to 35, with 18 Mil views and 196,867 subscribers and growing, Gawareer strive to become the voice of Saudi women by addressing their concerns and issues.
U-FM is a leading sports radio station based in Riyadh. Simply put, UFM is the only radio station in KSA that has avoided a generic approach [music and chat shows] and has embarked into a mission of being the leading radio station of reference for the Saudi football fans in KSA. A major direction for the B2B would be to create tailor made content for brands and advertisers interested in embracing the football fans at the core of their communication.
ART The Arab Radio and Television (ART) Network is the leading producer of premium Arabic family programming and entertainment worldwide. The ART network started a new plan for developing and restructuring the ART channels and the audiences recognize major changes on the screen and the channels content. ART main objective from its New Look is to be the Best Movie & Drama channels in the Arab world. Channels: AFLAM 1 – AFLAM 2 – HEKAYAT 1 – HEKAYAT 2 – ART CINEMA all available on OSN basic package.